“Software is Easy! People are Hard.” is a book about the good, the bad and the ugly in the software development industry. This book will teach you how to become a better software developer and how to work with other people.

20% of profits will be used to help children get access to basic computer technology.

This book is self-published. We wrote, edited, designed and distributed the book ourselves. Many nights and coffees were sacrificed during this process.

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About the authors

We are professional developers with over 20 years of combined experience. We have worked on Mobile, Virtual Reality, Web, Robotics and Desktop applications. By the end of this book  you will know what can be achieved with code and how to become the best version of yourself.

Petre Bota – full stack developer

My goal is to help you become a better developer. This is the essence of my software experience on paper.
It provides a lot of knowledge without getting too technical.

It’s good to learn from your mistakes.
It’s better to learn from mine.

Robert Săndică – full stack developer

Hello! I created this guid to give you, the beginner, a 3 year leap ahead in the software development industry.

The best moment to start reading this book was yesterday. The second best moment is now.